Big Trees Forest Preserve | 52 Hike Challenge 2017 | Hike 8

The Location

For Hike 8 I headed to Big Trees Forest Preserve. I’ve hiked in this area before, but not this trail or in this year’s challenge, so I can add it to my Explorer Series! Big Trees is about 30 acres of land located near Sandy Springs, Georgia. This area is extremely built up, and this preserve is a surprising oasis in the city.

The Hike

There’s not much to this one! It was a hot, sticky spring day, but I wanted to get out and do some easy hiking. This is a great option for me that’s close to home and easy to access (there’s always parking which is fantastic is a car city like Atlanta). So, I did a bit of nice, shady walking along the Big Trees Loop and that’s that. Not nearly as much drama as my last hike!

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Do you have a nearby go-to trail?

"Summit" selfie!

Couturie Forest | 52 Hike Challenge 2017 | Hike 5


New Orleans is known for its below sea level status, so naturally we had to go find the highest point in the city. This point happens to be in City Park, a can’t miss sight in the Crescent City. NOLA’s highest elevation (43′) is the summit of Laborde Mountain on the Couturie Forest Trail.

The Hike – Couturie Forest

We prepared for our arduous journey by having a lovely Sunday brunch and casually deciding to go for a walk. The weather was perfect for a stroll along the well-kept mile-long path. Right off the bat we see a turtle train, sunning on a log. I love seeing wildlife while hiking so this was a great start. The rest of the trail to the summit wasn’t very crowded and it looked like there was some trail maintenance going on. The trail mostly follows the bank of some marshy water, surrounding hikers with green. We stopped at one point to check out a huge pile of snail shells on the bank. Not sure what, but some critter had a feast here!

We headed to the high point and hung out to chat with a friend for a bit, then headed back to the car through the forest and some impressive and beautiful palms. While this was a super quick hike, it was a nice way to get outside and move while staying conveniently in the city.

Have you hiked in the New Orleans area? Tell me about it in the comments!



Cairn Box | January 2017

The Hiking Subscription Box

I’ve been wanting to try Cairn Box for ages, and I decided I’d finally pull the trigger this year. This is a subscription service for outdoor activities that you’re able to customize a bit. Since most of my activities are hiking-based, this turns out to basically be a hiking subscription box for me. So far, I’m super excited about the products sent in this fun subscription and thought I’d share the goodies sent in my January box.


The Goodies

My Cairn Box contained a great assortment of items this month including:

  • Craft Thermal Gloves: these gloves have touchscreen compatible fingertips that worked really well when I quickly tried them on my phone. I thought these were just going to be another pair of standard, black, touchscreen gloves until I saw the design on the palm. Rather, the entire palm (not just hot spots) is covered in these great looking stripes that I assume help with grip but also just look really great, almost like patent leather. When subscribing to Cairn Box, you fill out a detailed survey answering questions about interests, sizes, etc. I’m happy to say that these gloves fit…………a glove. 😀
  • deFunkit Hand Wash Pack: I’m intrigued by this. Apparently using this system eliminates odors from clothing for three months. I’m looking forward to trying this and seeing if it can stand up to its claims!
  • All Good Goop Healing Balm: Honestly, I don’t really “get” healing balms and have never purchased or used one before, so this seems like the perfect time to take the plunge. Another product that makes some pretty big claims, so hoping it can live up to them.
  • Phive bar Blueberry Bar: I already tried this one out on Hike 1 of my 2017 52 Hike Challenge. Not bad! Generally, I’m not a fan of date-based bars like this (think Lara Bars). However, considering that this was tasty and really helped give me a boost when I was seriously dragging, I’ll give it a thumbs up. While I probably won’t run out to buy them simply based on my preference, I would absolutely recommend these to people who do like this type of trail snack!

The Deals

As with most subscription boxes (it seems), I also received coupon codes to use towards the purchase of these and other products sold by these companies. Additionally, Cairn Box is running a promotion right now for 50% off of your first box with code “JOINTHEFUN”. I’m not sponsored or an affiliate or in contact with Cairn in any way, I just noticed the code while on their website today and thought I’d share!

The Verdict

In conclusion, I’m really pleased with the products and value in the two boxes I’ve received. Hoping for this to continue through out the year!

Are you interested in product reviews? Let me know below in the comments!